Car Accident Checklist

21 August, 2017


Do you know what to do in the unfortunate event of a car accident? Motor vehicle accidents can be confusing and stressful, which makes it difficult to think clearly.

Whether you are injured or not, as a driver involved in an accident you are legally required to report the incident to police.

Following these simple steps will ensure you satisfy your legal requirements and help with any insurance matters.



What to do:

  1. Turn your engine off, remain calm and switch on hazard lights
  2. If it’s safe, check yourself and others for injuries and then call 000 if help is needed
  3. Remain at the scene of the accident in a safe location

Details to collect:

  1. Swap details with other driver including name, address, contact number, insurer, registration number, vehicle colour, make and model
  2. Record time, date and exact location of crash
  3. Record details of any witnesses
  4. Take photos of the accident with your phone. Do your best to cover the entire scene including points of impact, license plates, traffic sign locations, skid marks and any public or private property that was damaged
  5. Record your interpretation of the incident


  1. Report the motor vehicle crash using the Online Crash Reporting Facilityas soon as possible after the accident. This will allow the incident to be reported to both the Insurance Commission AND Western Australia Police – no further reporting is required.
  2. They will provide you with a report number to use during your insurance claim.

What next:

  1. Contact your insurance company
  2. Ensure you visit your family doctor immediately to check your health status and injuries