Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Claims… How long do they take to settle?

21 August, 2017


One of the most common questions asked is “when will this be all over?” And unfortunately there is no set time frame answer when it comes to motor vehicle accident claims.

At Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers we recommend our client’s claims are settled when their medical condition has stabilised and an assessment of their impairment or disability, work capacity and future treatment needs has been made.  This could be at least 12 months from the date they suffered their injury.

Why so long?

It is important to understand that a person who has been injured following a motor vehicle accident only has one attempt to make a claim. This means it is vital to have all the medical information, other evidence and treatment costs identified before settling a claim.

By waiting for a client’s injuries to stabilise and their medical treatment completed, we can most accurately assess and calculate the claim including general damages, economic loss, gratuitous services, medical treatment costs and travelling expenses for our clients.

We also need to know whether our client’s injuries have reached the point of stabilisation and whether they will continue to suffer from a “residual disability”.

At Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers we understand the frustration in “waiting” and use our extensive experience and regular file review to ensure matters are settled efficiently and at the right time and not dragging out the process.

Generally, the best answer is that these types of claims will most likely conclude when a client completes their recovery process.

This is not intended to be exhaustive advice in relation to vehicle accident compensation claims. If you have any further questions, please contact our office on (08) 9581 4339. We provide an initial consultation at no cost to discuss your current claim and possible entitlements.  We also act on a no win no fee basis if we are able to assist with your claim.