The Impact of Social Media on a Personal Injury Claim

22 August, 2017


There is no question social media plays a significant role in the everyday life of Australians. We are also no stranger to the notion that everything we do on social media can have a great effect on our offline lives.

From examples of employees who have been fired thanks to inappropriate Facebook rants, to people who have had their homes robbed after advertising on Instagram that they were away, the real-life repercussions of our love for social media continues to grow.

Most people on social media are there to innocently share aspects of their lives with their family and friends. On a daily basis we post status updates, photos and videos of our social activities and life events across various social media accounts. We also “chat” via Facebook Messenger.

Social media is influencing not just how we communicate, but litigation as well. It’s no secret that what you post online is a digital permanent record that can become public information. It is important to understand anything you post on a social network site can potentially be used as evidence against you.

Personal injury victims can be caught unawares by seemingly innocent uses of social media, some of which might seriously prejudice their claim for justice and compensation in the courts. The use of social media as evidence is starting to play an increasing role in personal injury claims.



When it comes to lawsuits and social media, in many cases, we are our own worst enemy.

You see, the problem is we don’t always show a “real” image of ourselves on social media. Material posted on social platforms is only a small snapshot of one’s life. Everyone knows people post only positive images and comments about themselves on Facebook. We have a natural tendency to hide the pain and negative vibes from our family and friends. These innocent and positive portrayals can be very misleading, resulting in incorrect interpretations.

The simplest way to avoid having this type of situation destroy a personal injury case is to avoid any temptation to post on or communicate via social media during the span of the case.

Follow this simple rule: if you would not want a third party to see it, don’t put it online.


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