Unsure of What Personal Injury Means?

11 May, 2017


The most obvious result of an accident, whether it occur at work, in a car accident on in a public place, is that you suffer physical injury. That type of injury is easy to identify. However, most people do not readily identify the emotional or psychological symptoms which either arise directly from the accident, particularly if it was a traumatic one, or as a secondary cause of the injury, due to experiencing constant pain and limitation and disruption to your everyday life, caused by the physical injury.

In some cases you may be subjected to workplace bullying and intimidation and your symptoms develop gradually over a period of time, and may not be easily recognisable.

It is important that you report to your doctor, all of the physical injuries and psychological symptoms you are experiencing and explain to your doctor how those injuries are affecting your everyday life, including your working life.

If you notice that you are suffering emotionally, it is recommended that you report your symptoms to your doctor so that the onset of those symptoms are recorded together with the type of symptoms you are experiencing. More importantly though, when you report those symptoms to your doctor, he or she can assist with recommending the required treatment to assist in your recovery.

These symptoms are referred to as psychological injury, psychiatric injury, stress or mental harm and are well recognised by the law and are generally compensable. To gain further understanding as to whether your injury is compensable you should seek appropriate legal advice from a specialist in personal injury law.