What To Do If You Are Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident

23 October, 2017


I appreciate that this is not the most enticing or exiting title to a blog but these are the basic essential steps.

Some background – The Insurance Commission of Western Australia is the compulsory third party insurer. What does this mean? When you pay your XXXXX this insurers you so that if you cause an accident ICWA steps into your shoes to be sued on your behalf. That means that, on the flip side, if you get injured as a result of someone’s negligence you have the comfort knowing that ICWA is there claim against.

Note that ICWA is all about the personal injuries NOT the property damage to your vehicle or your other possessions. You or the other party may insurance with other insurance companies, such as RAC or SGIO for property damage. The two are separate.

We are only going to talk about personal injury.


  • Yourself – it goes without saying but I will say it the following points are secondary to looking after your safety and health.
  • Names and Number. I appreciate that tensions may be high but make an effort to get the names and addresses of the other people involved in the accident. If there are witnesses get there details as well. If there is some issue about who is at fault the statements of those who are independent can be invaluable.
  • Police – don’t be surprised if they don’t turn up. This is not a criticism of the police in the slightest. There is a requirements to report the accident to ICWA and the police but this does not mean they will attend.
  • Admission – Don’t admit any form of liability to anyone. ICWA will make this assessment.


  1. Report the accident, this is not an option. You are required by law.  This link is pretty much all you will need. As with everything these days it is online. This process notifies ICWA and the police.


  1. if you are injured or experiencing any pain give yourself the benefit of the doubt and touch base with your general practitioner. The GP’s record of you condition and symptoms will provide the evidence to support any claim you may choose to make. Obviously this does not apply if you have been admitted to hospital.
  2. Expenses – keep receipts for any expenses.


  1. If you are injured, and the injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, you can make a claim. Again all you need is this link:


This will start the process. I will write a follow up blog on the ins and outs and tips on how to navigate the claim process.

Until then If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on justin@ppil.com.au, 9581 4339 or 0488 700 596.