Criminal Injury


"Had a fantastic experience. Very professional and supportive even when I was an emotional mess.  Understanding, caring and patient.  Very happy with this service"
Robyn Bell-McLeod - Criminal Injury Claim

“I had put off my claim due to not looking forward to the process.  Natasha was wonderful and I am so pleased with the outcome.  The process was explained clearly, and I found it to be a very understanding and professional practice” 
Melissa Quatember – Criminal Injury Claim 

Public Liability


I would just like to thank Natasha and the whole team for looking after me and my claim.  I found everyone to be highly professional and friendly the whole time I was there, which I think was around three years. 
Highly recommend them to everyone who needs professional help. 
Thank you very much.  
Greg Giles – Public Liability claim 

“During the past 12 months in which I engaged Natasha to act for me, I can say without doubt, my claim has been pursued with and by Natasha with such vigour and professional endurance.  Natasha is a person who can provide excellent service e and would recommend her to anyone who requires the service of a competent solution.” 
Ernest Brown – Public Liability claim 

“It is with pleasure and delight that I recommend Natasha Zupanov. Natasha handled by PL case in a professional and efficient manner.  She was available and accessible whenever I needed her assistance.  She successfully negotiated a more than satisfactory outcome for my claim. 
Thank you so much Natasha, Many blessings” 
Cecelia Power – Public Liability claim 

“I found all the staff excellent to deal with especially Justin Cvitan, every time gentleman” 
Ellen Young – Public Liability claim 

Motor Vehicle Accident

"Everything was covered carefully"
Andrew Croot - Motor Vehicle accident claim

“Natasha and her team were extremely supportive and helpful. From the time of my accident to settlement it was three and a half years, and they guided me throughout the whole thing while not bombarding me with information and tasks so I could have time to get better. When I had questions about the process, they always had time to answer me. When I was unable to fill out paperwork or unsure about how to, I knew I could email or call them for guidance. Dependable, trustworthy and honest. Highly recommend"
Rebecca Persic - Motor Vehicle accident claim  

“Justin, Durga and Jojo have been so easy to deal with and so helpful with the process. Thank you once again for all your help and assistance"
Fiona Brooker - Motor Vehicle accident claim  

“Thank you to Natasha, Justin and the efficient team at Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers.  The effort made to help me through a very difficult time was incredible.  To be supported and guided at a time of confusion and stress, by compassionate and capable people means a great deal” 
Margaret Hector - Motor Vehicle accident claim  

“I am very happy with PPIL.  They handled my case very efficiently and took the stress out of the legal aspects of my claim.  Thank you all very much” 
Dianne Giles - Motor Vehicle accident claim  

 “Natasha is amazing.  She waves her magic want and everything comes together.  I highly recommend Natasha and her services.  She is wonderful” 
Sharyn Patricia Flynn – Motor Vehicle accident claim 

“I was extremely satisfied with the staff and overall professionalism of Peninsula Lawyers and wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again and recommend them to my family and friends.  A special thank-you to Natasha Zupanov” 
Denise Savell - Motor Vehicle accident claim 

“I can’t recommend Natasha Zupanov and her team highly enough!  I wish I could express on how grateful I am on the amount of support and validation that was given to me through very difficult time.  Sometimes in life we might come across where we will need a lawyer and this full of compassion and empathy to help us through some emotional distress that may be been caused through an accident or any case.  I feel Natasha is the best lawyer for that.  Natasha and her team especially her legal assistant Vanessa always made me feel comfortable and was always available to take my calls and answer my questions promptly though phone or email.  I feel Natasha fees were very well earned and again I cannot thank you all enough for a fantastic outcome of my case” 
Natasha Brophy - Motor Vehicle accident claim 

“I was unsure about what to do after my car accident, but Natasha made the process so much easier, just what I needed at that time.  She was there as a comfort and help through the whole process.  Thank you so much” 
Melanie Simpson - Motor Vehicle accident claim 

Workers Compensation  


“I was very happy with the way PPIL dealt with my claim, I was always kept informed of the progress of my claim. The staff are very friendly and approachable and they provided a prompt and efficient service”

Diane Pring - Workers Compensation Claim

"I would like to thank Natasha, Laura, Kelly and all the team at Peninsula Lawyers for their hard work and dedication, commitment and reliability with my Workers Compensation Case. I can not express enough recommendation for anyone who is seeking representation as they were attentive and explained everything in fine detail so I had a true understanding of every step that was in process. I personally was reluctant and scared of the process but Natasha gave me the confidence, and legal advice and recommendations and faith to fight for my legal rights. If anyone is looking for legal representation that not only gives you results but Legal Representation you can TRUST. Thank you again Peninsula Lawyer’s for everything."

Lorrett Bell - Workers Compensation claim

"I found Peninsula treated me wonderfully, always kept me informed every step of the way and my outcome was very pleasing. Thank you Natasha, Justin and Team"
Lessa Craft - Workers Compensation claim

“I express my gratitude towards Peninsula Lawyers team in Mandurah.  
Natasha and her team had my back from the moment I picked up the phone all the way through to ensure I was treated correctly and looked after all the way through my injury and beyond.  
If you are looking at this review wondering if they are right for you.  Give them a call.  You won’t regret it”
Benjamin Watson - Workers Compensation claim

“Natasha, Justin and the Peninsula team were absolutely amazing in supporting me with my work injury. As soon as I handed over to them, the anxiety and stress was lifted and they took care of everything so I could focus on getting better. Thank you guys, you saved my mental health xx”
Lisa Munday - Workers Compensation claim  

“PPIL have shown outstanding human benevolence and profound professionalism. PPIL have provided the best professional assistance and advice from the first free consultation with PPIL Mandurah and North Perth.  I have been humbled and very appreciative to all PPIL Lawyers and Staff as without their professional knowledge, advise, assistance and guidance, I would not have achieved the results of my personal injury claim, if not for PPIL"
Iriaka Simon – Workers Compensation claim 

“Justin and the team did a fantastic job on my workers compensation claim and would highly recommend them to anyone with claims they are not sure of" 
Kevin Picken – Workers Compensation claim 

 “To Justin and team. I would like to thank everyone at Peninsula Lawyers for a job well done. Couldn't be happier with the result. Justin and the staff were fantastic. As the company logo says "we are in your corner . . . ." and that's how I felt the whole way through. Thanks again. Peter" 
Peter Nimmo - Workers Compensation claim 

"I found the whole process at first intimidation, but Justin and the team at North Perth made it a lot easier and my anxiety was a lot less as my confidence grew. The result; a fantastic payout result."
Declan O'Doherty - Workers Compensation claim

“Excellent, they even supply doughnuts and coffee!" Always polite and professional, all questions are answered with in depth responses and explanations. Would definitely recommend Peninsula. I am not the easiest of clients but these guys have been superb!"
Vic Jenner - Workers Compensation claim 

“I am very happy with my overall Workers Compensation Claim. The ladies have been amazing” 
Kimberley Austin – Workers Compensation claim 

 “When I was unsure on a subject, I'd ask the question and get a straight up honest answer. No beating around the bush or unsuccessful promises." My Case was process really fast and I am happy with the outcome"
Steven Bicknell - Workers Compensation claim 

“Thanks Justin and the team for all your help and assistance with the compensation claim. It was a long drawn out process but eventually resolved. I would be happy recommending Justin and his team at Peninsula Lawyers. Thanks to Neil Morrissey"
Robert Harding - Workers Compensation claim 

Thank you for your help Justin and also your team!  I have already passed your details around to those who require assistance from you and your brilliant team!  It is now 2020, here is to anew year where your business will prosper and advance.  I thank you again for helping me and being patient” 
Kim Bikaunieks - Workers Compensation claim  

“Until I came to Peninsula everything relating to my claim caused me complete confusion.  After my first meeting everything became clear, everything was explained in a way even I could understand.  The staff are kind, understanding and very efficient.  I would recommend Peninsula to anyone in need of legal assistance” 
Darren Gillingham - Workers Compensation claim 

“All the staff at PPIL are exceptionally friendly and willing to answer questions promptly.  Big shout out to Justin.  He was great in handling my case!” 
Phillip Catalano – Workers Compensation claim 

 “Justin is a very cool cat.  Staff Excellent” 
Steven Simpson - Workers Compensation claim 

“I was recommended to Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers.  From the moment I walked into the office until the end, the level of service was of the highest professional standard.  I was completely overwhelmed in all aspects” 
Paul Zappia - Workers Compensation claim 

“PPIL was awesome.  Explained everything in a way that I could understand.  Awesome service for an awesome rate.  They are in it for you and not for them like some other places.” 
Roy Slade - Workers Compensation claim  

“We contacted Justin on recommendation, and he didn’t disappoint.  Communication was great from all staff involved and we appreciate all the time and effort given during this claim” 
Mr Kairan Mahia - Workers Compensation claim 

“I never thought I would need to seek legal advice, though as life is so unpredictable and full of ups and downs the time came when I needed the advice.  Natasha and her team were recommended and from the minute I walked into the office I felt supported.  It has been a year long journey and support has been evident the entire time.  No matter how big/small my questions were, someone always responded.  Natasha gave me the best possible outcome and I thank her and her team from the bottom of my heart” 
Monique Holland - Workers Compensation claim


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