What’s your Driving Personality?

16 July, 2018


The consistently popular topic of conversation for many years: drivers. So where do you fit in and what is your driving personality? You may fall into one category, you may be a mixture of some, or display slight characteristics of another. Or you may be none (in which case, congratulations! You’re a “safe” driver).

When out and about on our roads, it’s important to recognise the different personalities that can appear behind the wheel. If we can recognise these personalities and be mindful when we come across them, it could be an effective way to gauge the current traffic dynamic we are in and reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.


The Road Rager can be ticked off by the slightest inconvenience, whether you’ve changed lanes in front of him or her, or tooted at them when they were stationary at a green light.  Steer clear (literally) and if you feel threatened, lock your doors, roll up your windows and drive away.


He (or she) drives a fast hotted up car, and only knows two speeds: stop or go. From the moment the lights turn green, they’ve zoomed off before you’ve had a chance to check your teeth in the mirror. They may also like driving right behind you until they can overtake at lightning speed.


The Meek One drives 75km/h in the 100km zone on the freeway. He or she also will not pull out into traffic even if there is plenty of room to do so. Meek One may also only turn left onto main roads, going back and around to finally get to where they are trying to go. Though not aggressive, The Meek One sparks aggression in others (particularly Road Rager, see above) due to their slow and aloof nature.


Possibly on her P’s (and at the risk of stereotyping a little too much here), Miss Millennial looks something like this: oversized sunglasses, pumping music and a phone in her hand (like, literally while she’s driving). Miss Millennial brakes at the last minute and drives half a metre behind the car in front of her, all while updating her Instagram photo. Eeek.


A favourite topic of conversation amongst evolved drivers, the terrible Merger either has no idea what they are doing, or knows EXACTLY what they are doing, but seems to think that a merging lane means “let’s race”.

Now you know some of the many volatile driving personalities on our roads who can be the cause of avoidable accidents.